Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rainbow Loom

Everybody in our school is talking about rainbow loom, but i do not know how to make them and my you tube is down so i will give you the websites.

How to Make a Bead Ladder Bracelet
bead ladder bracelet
How to Make a Braid Bracelet
braid bracelet
How to Make a Butterfly Blossom Bracelet
butterfly blossom bracelet
How to Make a Caterpillar Bracelet
caterpillar bracelet
 How to Make a Cobra Bracelet
cobra bracelet
Double Cross Fishtail Bracelet
fishtail bracelet
How to Make a Double X Bracelet
double X bracelet
How to Make a Heart Bracelet
heart bracelet
How to Make a Honeycomb Bracelet
honeycomb bracelet
How to Make a Jazzy Jazz Bracelet
jazzy jazz bracelets
How to Make a Ladybug Bracelet
ladybug bracelet
How to Make a Minecraft Creeper Bracelet
minecraft creeper bracelet
How to Make a Rainbow Splash Bracelet
rainbow splash bracelet
How to Make a Tiger Stripe Bracelet
tiger stripe bracelet
How to Make a Twisty Wisty Bracelet
twisty wisty bracelet
How to Make a Zigzag Bracelet
zigzag bracelet
How to Make a Zippy Chain Bracelet
zippy chain bracelet

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

just random gifs


here are some tricks to be an awesome explorer using transparents. when you think of explorer, you always think of Christopher Columbus and captain cook and all of the of those other old dudes in the medieval times, but you can be a modern explorer and you dont have to travel through the amazon you can become one in your community or your bed or whatever because i searched to the definition of explorer and it means to explore an unfamiliar area. so you can even explore your belly button if it not familiar to you or anyone.
here are some tips to be a awesome transparent loving, tumblr craving hipsta explorer!:

  • be peaceful with yourself


  • be a surfer chic

  • eat pineapples

  • dance in leaves

  •  get a hippie van

Then get your idea of what you want to explore.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

ok, so like i am obsessed with these kind of pictures called transparents and overlays. they are so, so awesome and the are so in. i am a very sarcastic person so it really works for me.

thats a little taste of what transparents are. if you want to make your own transparents or overlays you should download piccollage on your smart phone.
Well, during the holidays I hardly did anything. All I did was go on the internet,

 watched tv,

ate junk food,

watched 3D movies,

talked to my cats,

stayed sarcastic,

ate tacos,
and did some other stuff. Yah, that was my holiday.